My nickname is the 'Red Bodyguard' as I work hard to look after your body.

Cook Tomato into a sauce for pasta, spoon on top of a pizza or eat uncooked like an apple.

A master of disguise, did you know I'm actually a fruit and not a vegetable?

Brilliant in lots of ways, I'm bursting with vitamin C and fibre, which keeps your tummy working well and healthy.

Eat Blueberry any time of the day for a healthy snack or blend into great-tasting smoothies.

I love bouncing around with my other berry friends.

Don't underestimate the might of the Mushroom! I provide lots of essential vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre.

Mushroom makes great tasty soups, stews, sauces and burgers.

I belong to the funghi family, so it goes without saying that I love having lots of fun!

Ready for action, I can help your body fight germs and give you plenty of energy.

Apple makes a tasty fresh juice, or cut into slices for a healthy snack, especially with the skin on.

A team player, I like to use my energy to play sport with my friends.

A bundle of goodness, especially vitamin C, I help defend your body against illness.

Cut Pepper into sticks and dunk into humous with other vegetables - cucumber, carrot, celery and sugar snap peas.

I have lots of energy and enjoy sport, especially running races.

High in fibre, I can help to keep your digestive system fighting fit as well as your bones strong.

Small but perfectly formed, Fig makes a healthy, energy-rich snack.

They call me wise as I've been grown for many hundreds of years - you'll often find me in the library reading books!

Armed with fibre, iron and vitamin C, I'm good for fighting germs and protecting you from illness.

Remember, you can eat Sugar Snap Pea whole, including the pod - a crunchy addition to salads and stir fries.

Fighting fit, you could call me the kung fu king! I'm a pro when it comes to martial arts.

I'm good for looking after the health of your eyes and helping to protect you from illness.

Pumpkin loves being turned into a smooth soup or chunky stew. The seeds are tasty too.

I like reading and doing quizzes with my friends. I make sure I always protect my eyes in the sun by wearing sunglasses.

They call me outstanding as I'm a great source of vitamin C.

Squeeze Orange into a juice or peel and cut into segments to make a healthy snack.

I'm a golden ball of fun! You'll find me playing team games with my friends.

I'm great for helping to keep your mouth feeling fresh and teeth clean - don't forget to brush them twice a day too.

Munch Celery as a refreshing, healthy snack or dunk into a tasty dip - especially when the weather is hot.

I'm very sociable - that's why you'll always find a bunch of us playing together.

I'm a good source of vitamins, fibre and choline, which, I'm told, is good for your brain and your memory.

Try Cauliflower in warming soups or baked in a cheese sauce.

What does my shape remind you of? That's right, a brain and that's exactly what I'm good for. I love playing memory games and doing sums.

I'm rich in vitamin C, which means I can help boost your immune system and fight germs.

Squeeze Lemon over pancakes or into a glass of water for a refreshing, zingy drink.

I like to keep active - my favourite things to do are skateboarding, swimming and exploring.

I can help to keep your digestion, bones and heart healthy.

Try Plum fresh or dried (when I'm called prune) as a snack, sauce or on top of breakfast cereal.

I could play all day Running and jumping are my favourites - especially with my friends.

I've been told I'm good for your skin, helping to keep it healthy and glowing.

Pop Radish into your mouth for a juicy, crunchy snack or dunk into a tasty dip.

I'm like a glistening red ball, which explains why I like playing ball games in the park.

I'm full of vitamins and minerals that help to keep your bones, digestion and eyes healthy.

Sweet and juicy, Pineapple makes a refreshing drink, or cut into slices for a tasty snack.

Swimming and building sandcastles at the beach are two of my favourite pastimes.

I'm made up of 92 per cent water so I'm good for keeping you hydrated.

Turn Watermelon into a healthy kebab with chunks of mozzarella and cucumber, or take a slice to the beach to quench your thirst.

I love the beach and sunshine, but I'm always reminding the rest of the gang to keep hydrated throughout the day.

We may be small but we are brimming with vitamins, minerals and fibre. Did you know that we may even help sore muscles after exercise?

A tip-top healthy snack or add Cherry to pies and juices - just remember to take the stones out first.

We're always cheerful, especially when we're having fun with my friends.

The hint is in my shape - I'm said to be one of the best fruits for heart-health.

Super sweet and juicy - blend Strawberry into a super-good smoothie with banana and yogurt.

I'm everyone's favourite berry that's why you'll always find me with lots of friends, especially playing in the park.

Bacteria and viruses watch out - I'm known as the infection fighter!

Garlic is very versatile adding lots of flavour to savoury food - one of the favourites is garlic bread.

I'm one of the oldest plants around, which makes me very wise. My friends often come to me for advice.

I'm loaded with heart-healthy potassium and energy-giving carbohydrates.

Turn Banana into a delicious ice cream - freeze until firm, then blend until smooth and creamy.

I come from a hot country so love spending summer days at the beach. Did you know my skin is good for mosquito bites too?

My shiny purple skin is super good-for-you, so remember to eat all of me to get the most nutrients.

Aubergine makes great vegetable kebabs for a summer barbecue.

Did you know that I'm part of the same family as tomatoes, peppers and potatoes?

I'm simply the best! Well that's what they say as I contain lots of different vitamins and minerals.

Try Broccoli raw in salads or as a snack, or add to stir-fries and soups.

I look like little trees, which may explain why I like being outside, exploring nature with my friends.

The rumours are true, I can help support the health of your eyes as well as your heart.

Carrot makes great-tasting juices - especially with apple. Eat cooked or raw as a snack, soup or slaw.

I like chilling out with my friends, reading or listening to music.

A good source of vitamin C as well as fibre, I'm good for looking after your tummy.

A lot of Pear's goodness is in the skin, so it's best not to peel the fruit. Chop or slice and place on top of breakfast cereal.

I like spending time relaxing with my friends.

I'm a good source of vitamins A and C, helping your body in the fight against germs.

Scatter chopped Chilli over pizza or pasta or turn into a spicy sauce. Some chillies are hotter than others, so beware.

They call me Champion because I'm the best at spicing-up food. You'll find me in the kitchen, trying out new dishes on my friends and family.

I'm a tip-top vegetable, helping to keep your digestive system happy and healthy.

Grate raw Cabbage with carrot, then add mayo to make a healthy coleslaw.

I'm called Courageous as I'm brave and love adventure, climbing and canoeing are my favourites.

I may be small but I'm good for you in lots of ways, especially helping to keep your heart healthy.

Blend Raspberry with yogurt and banana to make a creamy fruit smoothie

I love the summer most. You'll find me on the beach or in the park playing with my other berry friends.

I was once used as a medicine for coughs, colds and asthma.

Don't worry if Onion makes your eyes run when you cut it, they're not real tears! Try raw in salads or cooked in sauces and soups with other vegetables.

I'm one of a kind, that's why they call me Original. I like to hang out with my family - shallots, chives and spring onions.

Packed with goodness, I provide lots of energy to keep you going throughout the day.

Try Pomegranate's ruby-red seeds for a healthy snack or make a tasty juice.

My seeds are like jewels, which is why I'm called Precious. I love sport, especially running.

They don't call me Awesome for nothing... I'm a good source of heart-friendly fats and vitamin E.

Avocado makes a mean guacamole, dip eaten with vegetable sticks and nachos.

I'm full of energy and love to play, especially team games with my friends.

I'm an all-rounder, said to be good for your tummy, immune system, skin and bones.

Chop Melon into chunks and thread onto skewers with strawberry and banana to make fruit kebabs.

Juicy and refreshing, I make sure my friends keep hydrated, especially when it's hot.

Studies show I may be good for your heart as well as give you energy.

You can do lots with Beetroot: roast, grate, juice, boil - eat raw or cooked.

They call me Bouncy as I look like a ball! Cricket, football, tennis, baseball... I enjoy them all.